Advanced Statistics

As an Advanced Statistics Expert with extensive experience in data engineering, I offer a comprehensive service that brings together the power of statistical analysis and data engineering expertise. By combining these two critical disciplines, I ensure that your machine learning and statistical projects yield the best possible results, all under one roof.

With a deep understanding of advanced statistical techniques, I provide expert guidance in designing and implementing sophisticated models to uncover valuable insights from your data. Whether it’s predictive modeling, regression analysis, time series forecasting, or hypothesis testing, I have the knowledge and skills to deliver accurate and meaningful statistical solutions.

By having both advanced statistics and data engineering expertise in one hand, I eliminate the need for multiple parties and streamline the entire process. This not only saves time but also ensures a higher level of cohesion and efficiency in your projects.

Statistical Analysis

I perform in-depth statistical analysis on your data, using advanced techniques such as regression analysis, hypothesis testing, time series analysis, cluster analysis, and more. This helps uncover patterns, relationships, and trends within your data, enabling you to make data-driven decisions.

Experimental Design

I design and execute controlled experiments to test hypotheses and evaluate the effectiveness of various strategies or interventions. I help you understand the impact of different factors and optimize your decision-making processes.

Predictive Modeling

I develop predictive models that utilize statistical algorithms to forecast future outcomes and trends. By leveraging historical data, I help you identify patterns and build accurate models for predicting customer behavior, market trends, demand forecasting, and other business scenarios.

Training and Workshops

I conduct training sessions and workshops to enhance your team’s understanding of advanced statistical concepts and techniques. I empower your team to apply statistical methods effectively, interpret results, and make data-driven decisions.

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With my advanced statistics expertise and proficiency in data engineering, I offer a holistic approach that maximizes the value of your data. By working with me, you gain a partner who can handle the complexities of statistical analysis and data engineering, leading to superior results and actionable insights.

Contact me today to discuss how my Advanced Statistics and Data Engineering service can drive the success of your machine learning and statistical projects. Let’s unlock the full potential of your data together.

What clients say

Nicolay knows the ins and outs of the modern data engineering stack. His expertise would help any organisation looking to build scalable and reliable data pipelines.

— Ishaan Varshney,
Head of Engineering @ SellerX

Nicolay is eager to learn and develop on a professional level. It was great working with him.

— Benjamin Kettner,
CTO @ ML!PA Consulting GmbH

I was working with Nico back at University as his supervisor and ever since followed his path into IT and Data Engineering… an ambitious learner and self-driven man, very reliable and good to hang out with! Recommended!

— Angelika Schmid,
Lead for Data & AI @ Accenture

Herr Königsmark hat unser Unternehmen bei der Erstellung eines kundenspezifischen Datenreports unterstützt. Dabei war er stets leistungsbereit und engagiert, hat gut Vorschläge eingebracht und hervorragende Ergebnisse geliefert. Die Kommunikation verlief immer rasch und freundlich mit allen Projektteilnehmern. Nach erfolgreichem Projektabschluss danken wir für die gute Zusammenarbeit und wünschen Ihm weiterhin alles Gute.

— Holger Teichmann @ Wiesheu GmbH

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