Infrastructure Analysis

I offer you a comprehensive view of your data infrastructure, providing valuable insights and decision-making capabilities. With my expertise in analyzing APIs and databases, I create a graphical representation of your overall infrastructure. This analysis helps your company identify data silos and bottlenecks that may impede your data flows.

My goal is to provide you with a holistic understanding of your data infrastructure. With this overview, you can make informed decisions about the future direction of your data infrastructure landscape. I help you identify bottlenecks, optimize processes, and maximize the efficiency of your data flows.

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Graphical representation

Graphical representation of the overall infrastructure: You gain a clear overview of your data infrastructure and its components, including APIs and databases.

Uncovering bottlenecks

I identify constraints and chokepoints that slow down data flow and affect data quality.

Optimization opportunities

I provide recommendations for optimizing your data infrastructure to enhance performance and scalability.

Identification of data silos

I discover isolated data areas that may hinder efficient data integration and utilization.

Decision-making insights

You can utilize the big picture of your data infrastructure to make strategic decisions about its further development.

Contact me

Rely on my expertise and let me help you analyze your data infrastructure to pave the way for a successful future. Contact me today to schedule your Data Infrastructure Analysis!

Please note that my Data Infrastructure Analysis relies on collaboration with you and access to your relevant systems and information to perform a comprehensive analysis.

What clients say

Nicolay knows the ins and outs of the modern data engineering stack. His expertise would help any organisation looking to build scalable and reliable data pipelines.

— Ishaan Varshney,
Head of Engineering @ SellerX

Nicolay is eager to learn and develop on a professional level. It was great working with him.

— Benjamin Kettner,
CTO @ ML!PA Consulting GmbH

I was working with Nico back at University as his supervisor and ever since followed his path into IT and Data Engineering… an ambitious learner and self-driven man, very reliable and good to hang out with! Recommended!

— Angelika Schmid,
Lead for Data & AI @ Accenture

Herr Königsmark hat unser Unternehmen bei der Erstellung eines kundenspezifischen Datenreports unterstützt. Dabei war er stets leistungsbereit und engagiert, hat gut Vorschläge eingebracht und hervorragende Ergebnisse geliefert. Die Kommunikation verlief immer rasch und freundlich mit allen Projektteilnehmern. Nach erfolgreichem Projektabschluss danken wir für die gute Zusammenarbeit und wünschen Ihm weiterhin alles Gute.

— Holger Teichmann, Wiesheu GmbH

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