Data Warehouse Solutions

The main goal of developing a data warehouse is to keep the data structured and consistent and establish a single source of truth. Your analysts gain value from clean and reliable data and therefore management will have higher confidence in their decision making. Additionally each data warehouse developer is able to adapt fast to the standardized output of the data model and thus onboarding processes of employees or external contributors takes less time and money.

My expertise spans across various platforms, including Amazon Redshift, Microsoft SQL Server, Snowflake and BigQuery. With proficiency in these technologies, I can design and develop a robust data warehouse that accommodates your data volumes and deliver optimal performance.

In addition to database providers, I also work with leading data integration tools such as Apache Airflow, SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services), Azure Data Factory, and DBT (Data Build Tool). These tools enable seamless data integration from diverse sources, ensuring a unified and consolidated data warehouse within your database.

Data Warehouse Design and Development

Specialization in designing and developing robust data warehouses tailored to your specific business needs. I will define the data model (e.g. Data Vault 2.0, 3-NF or Star Schema), and implement efficient ETL and ELT pipelines to ensure accurate and reliable data storage in the database.

Data Pipelining

Design and implementation of efficient ETL and ELT pipelines to extract data from various sources, transform it into a consistent format, and load it into the data warehouse. This ensures data integrity, accuracy, and optimal performance.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Integration of Business Intelligence (BI) tools with your data warehouse to enable data analysis, visualization and reporting. I will be integrating your data warehouse with a fitting BI tool such as Power BI, SSRS or Google Looker.

Scalability and Cloud Integration

I assist your company in migrating your data warehouse to cloud platforms, such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. For example if you want to migrate your on-premise Microsoft environment to the cloud using cloud databases (e.g. Snowflake, AWS Redshift) and cloud integration tools such as Airflow, DBT or Azure Data Factory.

Data Integration

The goal is to have a centralized repository of consolidated and consistent data for analysis and reporting. Integration of data from diverse sources, including databases, applications, and external systems, into your database by using integration tools like SSIS, Apache Airflow, Azure Data Factory or Microservices (AWS Lambda, Google Functions).

Performance Optimization

Slow reports or massively time-consuming data pipelines? Optimize the performance of your data warehouse by tuning SQL queries, indexing and restructuring tables appropriately or orchestrating data pipelines. This enhances query response times and overall system efficiency.

Data Quality and Governance

Implementation data quality frameworks and data governance practices to ensure the integrity, accuracy, and reliability of your data. This involves data cleansing, validation, and enforcing data quality standards to maintain high-quality data within the Datawarehouse.

Maintenance and Support

I provide ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure the smooth operation of your data warehouse. This includes monitoring of SQL jobs, troubleshooting of errors and resolve technical issues for a better performance of your data warehouse in the future.

Contact me

I am committed to delivering high-quality data warehousing services that empower businesses to effectively manage and utilize their data assets. Contact me today to discuss your specific requirements, and let me help you unlock the full potential of your data.

What clients say

Nicolay knows the ins and outs of the modern data engineering stack. His expertise would help any organisation looking to build scalable and reliable data pipelines.

— Ishaan Varshney,
Head of Engineering @ SellerX

Nicolay is eager to learn and develop on a professional level. It was great working with him.

— Benjamin Kettner,
CTO @ ML!PA Consulting GmbH

I was working with Nico back at University as his supervisor and ever since followed his path into IT and Data Engineering… an ambitious learner and self-driven man, very reliable and good to hang out with! Recommended!

— Angelika Schmid,
Lead for Data & AI @ Accenture

Herr Königsmark hat unser Unternehmen bei der Erstellung eines kundenspezifischen Datenreports unterstützt. Dabei war er stets leistungsbereit und engagiert, hat gut Vorschläge eingebracht und hervorragende Ergebnisse geliefert. Die Kommunikation verlief immer rasch und freundlich mit allen Projektteilnehmern. Nach erfolgreichem Projektabschluss danken wir für die gute Zusammenarbeit und wünschen Ihm weiterhin alles Gute.

— Holger Teichmann, Wiesheu GmbH

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